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“It’s a great gun, I love it”

There’s a new gun in town, and quality-conscious auto spray professionals are showing they’re quick on the draw by adopting the new Fuji Spray Auto™ MP-V8™ Mid-Pressure Spray Gun.


Maxwell Larmour knows the importance of quality equipment when it comes to doing good work for his clients. The 14-year automotive repair professional, who has been working at Northdale Auto Body in Waterloo, Ontario for the last year-plus, has been fixing and finishing cars, trucks, vans, busses and more than just as his job, but as what he enjoys to do. Since he started fixing cars in his parents’ driveway, Maxwell estimates that he’s painted thousands of vehicles. And his personal reputation is essential to his success.


Having used the Fuji Spray Auto™ MPX-30 in the past and loving it, Maxwell was on the lookout for a new Fuji Spray Auto™ spray gun to use, and when the MP-V8 became available and the time was right for him, he picked one up.


“I just kept checking to see if anything new was coming out… and then they were introducing it at SEMA. I was pretty excited because I loved the MPX-30, it was a great gun so I was really looking forward to it. I love the gun, it’s an amazing gun, especially for the price point.”


Designed with Fuji Spray® ‘s Mid-Pressure technology, and backed by comprehensive customer support and warranty, The MP-V8™ is an ideal choice for professional clear coat application. With side-mounted fan pattern control that allows for precise settings for fan width to match project sizes, and with a 360° swivel air inlet that reduces drag and prevents tangling in the booth, the MP-V8™ is a precision tool that helps deliver premium quality results.


“The Fuji Spray® MP-V8™ and all of our Fuji Spray Auto™ products build off our long-standing reputation in spray equipment technology the wood finishing sector. We’ve leveraged our expertise to engineer and build a high-performance range of spray guns that are easy to use and competitively priced,” says Jim Larin of Fuji Spray®.


Jim is quick to point out that Fuji Spray’s customer service is an integral part of the product lineup. “Our spray guns are amazing, and we back them with a commitment to customer care that is every bit as high performance as the spray guns.”


Professionals like Maxwell, Jim says, “are committed to doing great work and we want to help make that happen with every application.”


When it comes to stacking up against other mid-pressure spray guns, Maxwell says the MP-V8 more than stacks up. “I love the way it’s machined and the air cap, how it screws on, the adjustment knobs, the weight of it.” and about the performance he says, “It’s really nice in the hand and the atomization of the material coming out is very fine. It’s able to lay down the material evenly. With other spray guns, you struggle quite a bit to get the right texture of the finish, it’s too chunky or it’s putting on too much material, where the MP-V8 is just putting exactly what you need down. With this gun, you feel like you’re in full control of it.”


“I knew right away that it was just going to work for me and I wasn’t going to have to struggle. Some of these guns, you really have to adjust them to get to the way you want them to work. This one (the Fuji Spray Auto™ MP-V8), it was just basically out of the box and it worked. You put it in your hand and it does what you want it to do.”


In shops like Northdale Auto Body in Waterloo, and others like it across Canada, and beyond, the MP-V8™ is proving to be a valuable piece of technician’s arsenals. Trusted professionals like Maxwell know it, and his clients see the results.


In short, as Maxwell says, “It’s a great gun, I love it.”


Join the growing family of Fuji Spray® professionals and discover the quality and care it includes when you try the MP-V8™ Mid-Pressure Spray Gun from Fuji Spray Auto™.Guns

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