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The Q Platinum™ Series

Quietest Turbine on the Market with Power and Control built in

The Q Platinum™ Series

The Fuji Spray® Q PLATINUM™ Series is for those who simply want the best spray experience. Considered the quietest operating turbine on the market today, the Q PLATINUM™ Series offers the ultimate tools in terms of power and control, allowing you to focus on what really matters – the quality of your work. The patented noise reduction technology coupled with the unique Heat Dissipation Chamber™ makes the Q PLATINUM™ Series stand out in the industry.  The ultimate system for the onsite automotive refinisher, the Q PLATINUM™ Series delivers the power, speed, and versatility needed to complete your mobile paint jobs with factory quality results.

The Q PLATINUM™ Series Difference:

  • U.S. Patented noise reduction technology, reducing operating decibel levels by 50%, creating the quietest operating turbine on the market
  • Powerful and versatile regardless with PSI ranging from 9.0(4-stage) to 9.5(5-stage)
  • Rugged metal turbine case with quick-change friction fit filter
  • Choose between 2 different HVLP turbine spray guns (T75G™, G-XPC™) both with:
      • Non-bleed stainless steel needle, nozzle, and fluid passages
      • Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control – Adjustable incremental fan pattern with three orientations: horizontal, vertical, circle
      • Easy to disassemble with few internal components
  • Cup capacity ranging from 3oz (89cc) to 1Qt (1000cc)
  • Can be used with a range of materials (high to low viscosity) and suitable for both waterborne and solvent-based coatings
  • Easy to disassemble with few internal components
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor
  • High Transfer Efficiency – a minimum of 65% TE

Slide Fuji Spray® has reduced turbine noise levels by over 50% without causing any unwanted challenges, such as overheating through air restriction. The Fuji Spray® Q Series turbines have computer-designed airflow configurations that completely eliminate ‘direct sound paths’ found on low- to mid-priced HVLP turbine systems available today. US Patented Noise Reduction Technology Internal airflow configurations eliminate direct sound paths Reduces operating
noise levels by 50%
01 03 02 Rated at 60dba
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typical conversation
Slide The Q PLATINUM™ turbines feature the proprietary Heat Dissipation Chamber™ (HDC). This chamber expels excess heat from the turbine resulting in cooler operating temperatures. Less heat translates to increased motor longevity since the hot air is routed to the rear, passing through 60 vents – the process is silent. Heat Dissipation Cooler operating
temperatures and
increased motor
60 optimally designed air holes dissipate heat evenly No blowing around
of dust or debris and
no added hiss or whistle
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