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Designed for professional clear coat and base coat applications

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The V8 Series

Specifically designed for high-volume production, the V8 Series disrupts the conventional belief that the perfect finish equates to high-priced equipment.

Fuji Spray® has worked tirelessly to find competitive solutions for the modern painter – proven by the enhanced features and overall build quality of the V8 Series. Within the V8 Series there are two stellar offerings – the mid-pressure MP-V8™ spray gun, and the high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) H-V8™ spray gun.

These spray guns are designed to spray all professional coatings with an emphasis on base coat and clear coat application. The large selection of tips sizes, ranging from 1.2mm to 2.2mm, provides professional painters with a one-stop solution for achieving an outstanding finish. Designed with convenience in mind, the V8 Series boasts an enhanced fan pattern range with incremental size control as well as a 360° swivel air inlet which reduces spray gun drag resulting in a lightweight spray experience.


The V8 Series Difference:

  • Precise side-mounted fan pattern control
  • Forged aluminum gun body with anodized internals
  • Suitable for use with waterborne or solvent-based coatings in high production facilities
  • 360° swivel air inlet
  • Fuji Spray® Mid Pressure or HVLP Technology

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