7 Steps to Service Your Fuji Spray Auto V8 Spray Gun Pattern Control

A properly serviced and cleaned auto finishing spray gun will result in consistent quality finishes and longer equipment life. It is both money-making (short term) and cost-saving (long term) and we highly recommend that you take care of your Fuji Spray Auto spray guns and all of your paint shop equipment.

If you are noticing any inconsistencies with the fan pattern control on your V8 spray gun and it isn’t working properly, you’re not getting the quality auto painting finish your job needs and deserves. If that is the case, these seven steps and the video below are here to guide you in servicing your spray gun.

Note: If you have any questions about servicing your Fuji Spray Auto spray gun, or you would like troubleshooting tips, contact our customer service team by phone at: 1-800-650-0930 or by email at: support@fujispray.com.

Before we get to the step-by-step guide, here’s a tip: Do your servicing work on a clean, flat surface to avoid losing any small parts while servicing your auto spray equipment.

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Step 1. Using a screwdriver, remove the Set Screw.

Step 2. Remove the Pattern Control Knob.

Step 3. Remove the Pattern Control Assembly using a ⅝ inch socket wrench.

Step 4. Cleaning and Reassembly Preparation.

– With the pattern control assembly removed, inspect for any debris or damage that may be present.

– The spray gun cavity can also be inspected for any debris. If debris is found you can use the appropriate solvent to clean the area.

– Prior to reinstallation, you may choose to apply a conservative amount of gun lubricant to the pattern control assembly if you’d like.

Step 5. Reinstall the Pattern Control Assembly and secure with ⅝ inch socket wrench.

Step 6. Reinstall the Pattern Control Knob.

Step 7. Reinstall the Set Screw using your screwdriver.

Note: After you reassemble your pattern control, it is best to ensure that it is working properly before your next use. A counter-clockwise turn will open up your fan, and a clockwise turn will reduce the fan size.

There you have it. Seven steps to help you service your Fuji Spray Auto V8 spray gun pattern control to make sure you continue to get the quality results you’re used to when you are spray painting.

For more tips and information about Fuji Spray Auto products, visit our YouTube channel.

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